Welcome to Soundworks

I called my practice Soundworks because I believe there is work to be done and sound is an amazing tool to affect some of the most important work we will ever undertake. That is the work on ourselves. Life can be a rollercoaster at times leaving us with experiences or situations, traumas or events that can set us ‘out of tune’. Sound helps us reset and restore or ‘retune’.

I create safe, comfortable spaces where we work with the resonant frequencies of sound tools to treat blockages in the body. These may be mental, physical or emotional – the benefits are vast. You can head to the about section for a more in depth explanation of how sound works in therapy.

While my focus is individual, one on one treatments I also hold regular group sound meditations. I use a variety of tuned metal Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes and the beautiful Handpan. I’m based in North West London but am able to travel upon request. Take a look around, get in touch, ask a question, book a session, let’s enjoy some work with sound together.

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Experiences shared


I have Ulcerative colitis and I was having a tough year when I decided to try some 1:1 sound therapy. Right from the first session, I felt the difference, I had this feeling of letting go and relaxation around my abdominal area which I haven’t had in years. After several sessions, my condition continued to improve and I felt like each session gave me something different. Often, I was really struggling with my mental health, and Craig was able to sense that and use the bowls to support me. There are probably thousands of sound practitioners out there, but what makes Craig special is his intuition and his ability to know exactly what you need from the session without you even telling him. He is also a warm, friendly person and is able to hold space for you which is what really helped me let everything go and enjoy the experience as much as I could. He is truly gifted and it is very clear that he is genuinely passionate about helping others through sound. I would highly recommend Craig to be a part of your sound journey, come to your sessions with an open heart and mind, and you will be amazed by the results. Thank you Craig for being an integral part of my healing journey, I am so grateful for the work we have done together.

Systemic Family Therapist & Clinical Lead (MHST)

The Restorative Yoga & Sound Session facilitated by Craig and Alex, was a wonderful experience as part of our team’s wellbeing event. The session provided us an opportunity to pause and take steps to rebalance at a time when a lot was happening for all of us. We would definitely recommend it.

Senior Marketing Desinger

Leave any hesitance at the door; this is truly an opportunity to invest in yourself. I’ve enjoyed the benefits I’ve gained over time and look forward to becoming more in tune with myself via these sound sessions

Yoga Instructor

My experience with Craig was excellent and was approached with such care, thought and warmth. Always making sure I was comfortable before we got started. He communicated clearly each session. He has a gift for music and is clearly expressed in a unique way to suit each persons needs that day. I never felt like I had to rush out the door when the session was finished, very much taught with patience and understanding. I would Highly recommend Craig for a session


Craig has a very calming attitude and I felt completely relaxed. The sounds of the bowls reverberated into my body and helped me to unwind, almost trance like

Physiotherapist & founder of Reema Physio & Wellness

These sessions were an opportunity to slow down, take heed and be. I had a lasting a sense of groundedness, peace and happiness following each session